Billie's Bounce

arranged for jazz orchestra by Jaelem Bhate, with the Jaelem Bhate Jazz Orchestra

Not your Grandparents' band

The Jaelem Bhate Jazz Orchestra is a 17-person jazz orchestra based in Vancouver, BC, playing the music of director Jaelem Bhate and other 21st century jazz composers

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On the edge

the debut album


9 of my best charts to date, including my multi-movement Pacific Suite. Featuring some of the best instrumentalists in Canada, including Steve Kaldestad, Brent May, Michael Kim, Duran Ritz, and recorded at the legendary Warehouse Studios.



"On the Edge, is, on the one hand, burnished and sophisticated, and on the other, a reminder that laudable big-band jazz rests in large measure on the ability to make stalwart rhythms a centerpiece as it takes the listener on a pleasurable voyage to its bright and musical destination" - All About Jazz

"On the Edge is a focused and conceptual album that Jaelem has created with the aid of a stellar cast of musicians. It comes together in a type of jazz symphony that evolves and expands as it takes you on a musical journey that resonates with each unfolding piece. The compositions are sensitive and at times sombre yet equally exhilarating, and the skill and sophistication of each player under the visionary leadership of Jaelem is a cohesive force that is transporting and thunderous." - The Jazz Music Blog

Jaelem Bhate displays his composing skills with a large 18 member jazz ensemble on this collection of modern orchestrations. He combines shorter pieces with a centerpiece of a four  part “Pacific Suite,” which is almost Copland-esque in its wonder and atmosphere. From the suite, “Straits and Narrows” has the horns create rich harmonies, with the rhythm team sauntering to “Weeping Sikies, both featuring the strong tenor sax of Steve Kaldestad. Muted horns on “Strung Along” frame Ricardo Halabi’s guitar, and wafting brass and reeds sway around  Brent Mah’s melodic alto sax. The rich horns are filled with clever arrangements, punching out “On The Edge” and floating on the dreamy “When I Was Loved.” Modern Big Band sounds with allure. 

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Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that the Stan Kenton influence runs so hard and so deep that you can't escape it. This rising composer/bandleader captures a lot of the vibe of when the Kenton crew was cooking at the flashpoint of highly creative and highly accessible. A tasty listening date that runs the engine on high throughout, this is finely dine stuff right in the pocket, right in the tradition and right in the middle of everything good. Stellar stuff from a rising star.  - MidWest Record

The music is played with energy and precision by a collection of some of Canada’s finest jazzers.  The music is interesting and full of surprising twists and turns that make visiting it a delightful experience. Jaelem Bhate is probably a new name to you, as it was to me, but this collection should spark your interest in keeping abreast of future releases by him.

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'On the edge' is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and all other major streaming platforms. Available for free on youtube music and Soundcloud.

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